The IP410 VoIP Telephone - With High Definition Sound

Is an enterprise-grade communications device designed to provide the user access to all of the capabilities possible in Voice Over Internet and Voice Over LAN/WAN technologies.HD410 High Definition Sound Ip Telephone

The IP410 is HD® (High Definition) equipped, 4 – SIP-Line phone; SIP is the most advanced packet-switched data transport available for voice communications. Through the use of SIP-Gateways the IP410 is also capable of interfacing the legacy telephony network.

HD ImageIPitomy’s HD telephones use wideband speech CODECs which encode 7.1KHz of the voice spectrum instead of the standard 3.4KHz. This doubles the bandwidth for communications and elevates voice quality substantially. Combine HD audio with IPitomy’s acoustically tuned housing, and the end result is industry-leading speakerphone clarity. Your IP410 can utilize the g.722 codec and provide HD audio while taking up no more bandwidth than the standard g.711 codec. This means better sound and no sacrifice.

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