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What’s the Difference? What’s It Mean to You?

Although it is helpful to distinguish between the terms “IP Telephony” and “VOIP”, they are often used interchangeably.

VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) — How Does This Enter the Picture?

Although “VOIP” is often used to refer to IP Telephony as described below, it also refers to using the public Internet to carry voice traffic. When the public Internet is used, you (the user) don’t have the same control over the Quality of Service as you do over your own network.

Therefore it is more likely that the voice quality over the Internet could suffer compared to that of your private network. However, if properly designed with today’s technologies, the voice quality over the public internet can often be equally as good as your regular phone line quality. The details of how this is accomplished, especially troubleshooting problems that arise, are too detailed to include here so that’s left for another article or discussion with us.

IP Telephony — Why Would You Want It?

Your IP Telephone System provides the following advantages:

There are many more benefits to IP Telephony;

This brief overview should be enough to peak your interest to continue your investigation. You don’t need to make a total swap out of your current phone system. It is possible to gradually introduce an IP Telephone System into your organization and interface it to legacy systems.

In addition to this brief explanation, you might want to further discuss the strategic business applications and implications of IP Telephony. New technologies such as IP Telephony don’t just replace previous ones but allow much greater functionality, increased productivity, enhanced customer service and lower costs than prior technologies.

Don’t just improve the way you currently do business! Expand the possibilities of conducting your business in ways you never thought possible. All major phone system manufacturers are investing their research and development dollars into development of their IP Phone Systems.

Thousands of companies have already converted to it. There must be a reason or two or twenty.